10 Benefits of Keeping a Daily Journal

It is often useful to write in a journal, but what makes this practice so compelling is that there are many reasons to keep a daily journal. Here are just 10 of these benefits:

1. A Journal Will Foster Creativity

A journal is so versatile in fact that you can really put anything in it. It is not necessarily meant for recording precise details relating to one particular topic only. This is so so since if you are looking for some rules or something rich in measurements, you will most likely go looking elsewhere.

It is true that there are countless books that you can find in the market nowadays that are related to journaling. It is however important to understand that there is no standard format that all journals follow. Hence, you can then most definitely put whatever you want in your journal.

2. A Journal Can Offer A Sufficient Means To Study Ourselves

Studying our behavior, for example is an act that is very difficult to conduct if it is not properly recorded. A journal is very handy when it comes to keeping track of oneself. It is like keeping an account, but the only difference is that a journal does not have a final balance. You can add notes to a journal, delete them, and so much more.

3. A Daily Journal Can Be A Tool For The Daily Practice Of Gratitude

As a person who has a journal, you have a good chance to always have a list of things that you can be grateful for. So, you can add all these little notes about the people, places and things that bring you joy and happiness into your journal. This way, your gratitude can be very evident even years after.

4. A Daily Journal Can Offer A Unique Means To Document Changes In Yourself

For a better understanding of a person, a journal can be a very good point of reference. You can keep a record of all the things that you did and did not do years after. This way, you can easily evaluate what kinds of changes you have undergone in a span of a few days.

5. A Daily Journal Can Be A Good Means For Writing Down Thoughts That Would Be Forgotten

Sometimes, writing down your thoughts can be a very powerful tool for processing them. Writing down all your thoughts can be a great way to end a day. Therefore, you can get rid of all your worries and problems from your head by merely writing them in a journal.

6. A Daily Journal Can Be A Means To Keep Your Memories

A journal can serve as a very good means to keep our memories. You can add your musings and your discoveries in it. Your journal can be a very valued possession when you grow old. This is so because you can add all the achievements and accomplishments in your journal.

7. A Daily Journal Can Be A Transitional Tool To Find New Ground

Sometimes, it is very useful to learn to let go. This can be a very difficult experience. So, when we practice gratitude and we add all the things that we are grateful for in our journal, we prepare ourselves better for this “release”. It is like practicing letting go by writing all the things we like and like about ourselves.

8. A Daily Journal Can Be A Good Way To Develop Self-Value And Self-Confidence

A journal can be a very good means for an individual to become attuned to his feelings and consequently become more aware. It is like a daily practice to look at oneself and how he has changed. Such practice will ultimately help that person develop higher self-confidence.

9. A Daily Journal Can Be A Means To Avoid Rushing Through Life

A journal can be a very good mean to teach us patience. This is so since everything that you write must first be carefully thought of. It is therefore possible to find more patience when you write in a journal.

10. A Daily Journal Can Be Worth Itself

This is definitely more of a reason that comes out of experience rather than anything else. When you write in a journal, you become more acquainted with your feelings. Likewise, you can see how your feelings change after a few days.

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